Is Blockchain and DeFi able to help promote telemedicine for EVERYONE and be able to control price and verify quality? My answer is YES

So how on earth can blockchain and DeFi control healthcare cost, enhance access to all, and ensure quality? Sounds like Im dreaming and potentially delusional or thinking light years ahead of where we are today. I disagree and this post is how I’m going to start engaging all the right people and together, we will bring this knowledge forward and embed it in the DeFi revolution I know anyone reading this believes in with me.

To briefly validate my knowledge in this space, its less on blockchain and more on healthcare technology. I have spent the last 25 years of my career with IT leadership roles for The Cleveland Clinic and The University of Texas Health System. I’m been one of the people who was ca;;ed upon last year to transition a complex multi specialty ambulatory environment along with inpatient needs, primarily focused towards helping residents and fellows remain engaged with the patient as well as the teaching organization, which in my case is The Cleveland Clinic and primarily their Florida region spanning from South Broward county to Vero Beach. The beginning of Covid-19 was reminiscent of videos I’ve seen over the years showing the running of the Bulls LOL. In a day IT was challenged to save the problem where immediately, no one could drive , walk, fly, or sail, to The Cleveland Clinic. Telemedicine to the rescue?? Within a month or so, the kinks got worked through and both the patients and the providers started virtually caring for people and organizations were able to actually get paid for delivering , what I can assure you was as good if not better care and engagement then if they drove in and went through the starard office visit check in , exam, and checkout process.

What I want to do hear is start a conversation that will result in the answer to my question, or maybe more my statement. Start by remembering that even homeless have cell phones above any other communication and (key point here) identification and location tracking tool. I don’t now if this is the right medium, no joke intended, but I don’t know why I am being driven to post and start putting together the data and information that could help EVERYONE and EVERY Healthcare system and provider to better complete equally and care for people based on their need not location or net worth. Thoughts???